Mesa, AZ - Basic Needs Assistance Handout

I've created a basic needs assistance handout for Mesa, Arizona. It has resources for shelters, food banks, free prepared meals, discounted foods, free or low-cost mental health care, help for pets, help paying bills, and sliding scale health care.

I see homeless people almost every day. Giving them a couple dollars helps but I wanted to do more. While I don't have the finances to help on a grand-scale, the thought occurred to me that many of them don't have regular access to computers and also may not be aware of all their options.

This guide has many listings of local organizations that are there to help them. While I give them a few dollars, I can also give them a copy of this 13-page handout. My greatest hope is that it may assist some of them to get off the street.  

Please feel free to download this handout. Use it to find resources for yourself or to give away to the homeless in Mesa, AZ. If you have any suggestions on resources to add or take away, you can reach me here. I plan to update it every month or two and keep it up here on my new Blogger blog. Here is my handout: Basic Needs Assistance Mesa, AZ.

Do you like this idea, but don't live in Mesa, Arizona? Why not claim your own city and create a resource handout? The research is a little time-consuming but can be completed in one weekend. Once it's complete, then it's just an hour or so a month to keep it updated. There are also free webhosts like Blogger where you can then keep it online. I would love it if others would join in. Let's do what we can to help the homeless in every city.